What is PannelPlus ?

We are a Market Research Organization Located in Chennai. Our obligation is to comprehend the customer’s need and to give arrangement according to their request. We are always attempting to discover new insights apparatuses to assemble purchaser input all the more particularly and precisely.

Why Market Research purpose of market research?

Regardless of whether you are hoping to enter another market, assemble your situation in a market, make another brand, discover how fulfilled clients or representatives are, target markets all the more proficiently, build up another item, or test the adequacy of a publicizing effort, the motivation behind market research is to decrease chance.

What Information I can obtain through market research?

Market research is the deliberate gathering, examination and understanding of data pertinent to marketing choices. Normal data necessities met through market research are recorded beneath in spite of the fact that this is in no way, shape or form comprehensive and can, obviously, be grouped in various ways.

Label Types Of Information Methods Used
Market Size & Structure ·         The value of the market in currency value and units sold each year

·         The historical trends in size of the market

·         The key consuming segments of the market

·         The competition and their shares

·         The route to market

·         Published market research reports

·         Desk research

·         Market surveys aimed at calculating consumption and brands purchased

Use Of & Attitude To Products ·         Awareness of suppliers

·         Attitudes to suppliers

·         Attitudes to products

·         Volume and frequency of purchases

·         Quantitative surveys carried out by telephone, mail/internet, face-to-face interviews

·         Focus groups

Customer Satisfaction ·         Ratings of customers (and sometimes potential customers) to show what they think is important in influencing their buying decision and how satisfied they are with their supplier on each issue ·         Quantitative surveys carried out by telephonemail/internet, face-to-face interviews
Promotion Effectiveness ·         Key messages for campaigns

·         Effectiveness of adverts and promotions

·         Focus groups

·         Face-to-face interviewing

·         Pre and post quantitative surveys

Brand Impact ·         Awareness of brands

·         Values attached to brands

·         The influence of brands in the purchasing decision

·         Focus groups

·         Telephone interviewing

·         Face-to-face interviewing

Pricing Effectiveness ·         Optimum prices

·         Price values attached to features of the offer

·         Market research in test markets

·         Trade-off analysis using conjoint techniques

Product Tests ·         Likelihood of purchasing different products

·         Attitudes to products

·         Hall tests

·         Focus groups

·         Quantitative research

Segmentation ·         Opportunities for segmentation based on demographics, behaviour or needs ·         Quantitative surveys with factor and cluster analysis


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